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The Power of Belief

Posted by Monica Fink in Wellness 12 Jul 2016

A great deal of power is held by our beliefs concerning our value and self-worth.  We either harness that power by caring for ourselves or we deny it.  Often, it is the struggle with these two truths that keep us from succeeding.  A lack of belief in ourselves hinders us in many endeavors – losing weight, improving our fitness, growing in our career, increasing financial abundance, kicking a destructive habit…this list is quite possibly an endless one.  We enter the world full of hope and promise, unaware of anything other than the perfect wholeness and completeness that is our soul.  We are thrust into a world, however, that has forgotten this.  From that moment on, we are influenced by the people and forces of a world who have also forgotten their value, their self-worth.

Any time we find ourselves “stuck” or desiring more out of life, we can fall into the trap of trying harder.  Until we examine the beliefs we are carrying around, trying harder may not be getting the job done.  Unless we spend some time understanding the thoughts that are controlling us (you know, the voices in our heads), we can experience not only a lack of success, but the pitfalls of self-sabotage as well.

When we KNOW our worth, we can begin to LIVE our value.

Do your actions honor your value?  Or do they move you in the opposite direction?  This simple question is a powerful tool when we are integrating new healthy habits into our lifestyle.  Every time you make a choice about what to eat, you can ask yourself “Does this choice honor me and my goals?”.  When we procrastinate, or skip a workout, or don’t get enough sleep, are we behaving in accordance with what we say we want?  Many times, the answer is no.  But why is that? Why does it happen again and again?

The answer lies in our beliefs. Do we truly value ourselves?  Do we truly know our worth?  It’s time to start.  If you truly want to improve your health, happiness, and satisfaction with life, it’s time to start.  We know how to do this….we do it for others all the time.  It’s time to start doing it for yourself.  Everyday, affirm your value, honor your self-worth, and declare your commitment to the goals you’ve set.  Write them down, post them in prominent places, put them in your purse or wallet.  Repeat them throughout the day, aloud or in your head.  You will reframe the voices in your head until a new program takes hold – a program that says you are worth everything you desire.


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