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Spring Cleaning for the Body

Posted by Monica Fink in Nutrition 07 Mar 2015

While it might feel like summer, spring has just sprung. You may have noticed a bounce in your step thanks to the extra sunshine in our longer days. More importantly, your taste buds are changing. 


Have you noticed your appetite gravitating towards different types of foods? Our bodies naturally know how to eat according to nature’s seasons. This was especially important before the conveniences of our modern times. We crave heavier foods in winter not only to ensure our survival but also simply because fresh fruits and vegetables are not available. As spring follows winter, our bodies are ready to lighten the load from the previous season. Spring is a time to detoxify the body and prepare for the even warmer months of summer.

This is an excellent time to shift from a heavier diet to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating according to the seasons is a healthy approach to nutrition and it’s easy! Seasonal foods are the ones you will find in abundance and usually “on sale” in the produce department. Try incorporating these foods (and any of the spring vegetables) into your daily diet to shed winter weight and cleanse your system: leafy green vegetables, lemons, ssparagus, garlic, green tea, bell peppers, peas, cabbage and fruits.

Hopefully, it goes without my saying, how important it is to stay hydrated with plenty of water and to avoid processed foods.

In addition to lightening your nutritional “load”, there are more strategic methods for detoxing and cleansing your system. If you’re considering trying a cleanse but are unsure which approach is right for you, please contact me. Most of my clients have

completed a detox at some point during the journey to better health, and I would be happy to help you as well. I am also available for a comprehensive health history consultation as part of my “Change Your Health, Change Your Life” program. Happy Spring everyone…be well!

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