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Pineapple Perfection

pineapple perfection

This smoothie is crazy good and it really gets me through the cooler winter months.  I might be wearing a sweater but I swear I can feel the ocean breezes – ahhh.  Green Smoothies are a terrific way to start your day or as a quick and easy lunch.  They provide a powerhouse of nutrition and clean energy with no overt fats.  Include at least one per day to boost your health and promote weight loss.  PS – they taste great too 🙂


3-4 ripe bananas, depending on size

2 handfuls dark leafy greens

3 cups fresh or frozen pineapple

Water and ice


Fill blender with water and ice first.  I usually start with 2 cups; adjust according to desired thickness.

Add bananas, then leafy greens. Pack them down to make room for the pineapple.

Blend until smooth and creamy.


Notes:  Be sure the bananas are ripe – they should have little brown freckles.  You can freeze your bananas once they are ripe.  If you use frozen bananas and/or frozen fruit, omit the ice and add more water as needed.  Frozen fruit is a great time saver.  For the dark leafy greens, try baby spinach, kale, or a mixture.  I use a Power Greens mix that contains spinach, kale and chard.  Always choose organic for the greens.

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