Monica Fink | Portfolio 6 Sauces, Dips and Dressings

Cilantro-Lime Dressing would swear this has sour cream in it! Mexican restaurants have nothing on this recipe. Try it topped on a salad of crisp greens and Black Bean Salsa.

Moroccan Dipping Sauce

This recipe makes a great dip for raw veggies, pita bread even vegetable spring rolls. Drizzle over any Mediterranean-style dish. But I enjoy it best as a salad dressing!

Far East Miso Dressing

If you love Asian-inspired flavors, this might soon become your favorite salad dressing. You can find miso in the refrigerated section of whole food/health food stores.

Hemp Seed Dressing

The mustard seed lends a nice kick to this creamy salad dressing. Make it a little thicker and you have a great dipping sauce for veggies and other finger foods.

Tri-Pepper Dressing

Very low in fat, very high in taste satisfaction! This is a fabulous dressing for just about any green salad. No need to suffer a boring salad...

Mustard Vinaigrette

If your salads are stuck in a rut, this recipe will wake up your tastebuds! What a delicious combination of sweet and tangy. A high-quality mustard...

Creamy Herb Dressing

Looking for an alternative to the traditional store-bought ranch dressing? Look no further...this recipe uses healthy whole-food sunflower seeds and dried herbs...

Greek Salad Dressing

This may be the last Greek dressing you'll ever need. The mustard powder gives a zest and zing to the flavors that will have you licking your fingers with joy.