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Going With the Flow

Posted by Monica Fink in Lifestyle 06 Feb 2015

So this week has been a lesson in patience and “going with the flow”. I suppose I had it coming after all my verbal rants of wishing for less complicated times where we weren’t ruled by several electronic devices throughout our day. The Universe responded in-kind with a virus-laden laptop and a car that wouldn’t start. I could easily be an emotional wreck right now.

But I found this week to be an excellent time of practice in letting go of what I can’t control and simply flowing with the pace of my life. What do you need to LET GO of? Often, we are unable to experience what we desire in terms of weight loss and improved health and happiness because we are unaware of or unable to let go of those things that no longer serve us.


The premise behind my work as a holistic health coach is that food is secondary when it comes to what truly nourishes us.


post.the.flow.02If we can look beyond the food, the calories, the grams, the fat, etc. and focus more on what is happening in our minds and in our hearts, there we will find what has been holding us back from experiencing all the health, energy, vitality and happiness that I think we all long for. I encourage you to take some time each day, even if it’s only five minutes, and tune in with yourself. Do you need to slow down? What do you need to let go of? Connect with the person you are on the inside.


Become aware of the world that is in you… it is far more important and powerful than the world that is outside of you.


My hope is that these words have touched some of you today and given you something to really think about. If you’ve been struggling with some aspect of your health – mind, body or spirit – I encourage you to reach out and take the first step to reclaiming your sense of well-being, restoring your body and having the life you desire. I am here to help you on the most important journey of your life. Be well!


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