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Fruit and Fructose

Posted by Monica Fink in Nutrition 08 Jan 2015

I’m going to do my best not to rant in this blog, but I tell ya, I’m at the end of my rope on this issue. But it just goes to prove how deceiving propaganda can be and how blindly we allow ourselves to be deceived. I’m talking about the demonetization of fruit. The mainstream media and nutritional community have hopped on yet another bandwagon, completely abandoning common and medical sense.

To equate a whole piece of naturally occurring fruit with the same substance that was chemically created by extracting carbohydrate from corn, altering it by adding an extra molecule and then processing it under high heat to create high fructose corn syrup is so absurd, even my grade school children understand the difference. In my opinion, the so-called “health” industry has sunk to an all time low.

Yes, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is deadly. It is a highly processed, unnatural substance that was never intended for human consumption and therefore, our bodies have no idea how to process it. HFCS plays a key role in the unprecedented rise in modern-day diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stoke to name a few. This is not to be confused with natural fructose found in fruit.


Whole fruit is a natural source of energy, loaded with vitamins, anti-oxidants and fiber. It has a low caloric load and a high nutrient density – exactly the type of food we should be eating.









Simply put – lots of bang for your caloric buck!


Because of fruit’s high water and fiber content, it is impossible to over-eat the stuff. In comparison, there is no nutritional value to HFCS and it actually stimulates our appetite and causes us to eat more. Fruit is an excellent choice first thing in the morning, providing needed energy to get our day going… and let’s drink plenty of water to hydrate our organs.

I often recommend my clients eat fruit or a fruit and veggie smoothie for the first meal of the day. When we focus on whole foods – food that came from a farm and not a factory – we have made great strides toward reversing disease, improving overall health and dropping excess pounds. My advice to you is eat real food, mostly plants… and not too much!

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