Monica Fink | Chill Out With Chocolate and Cherries (Yes, I said Chocolate!)

Chill Out With Chocolate and Cherries (Yes, I said Chocolate!)

Posted by Monica Fink in Nutrition 03 Jul 2015

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!  It’s the longest day of the year and if you’re like me, you’re feeling the heat.  Have you noticed how cranky we can get when we are hot and most likely dehydrated?  Many of us reach for sugary drinks and treats hoping we will start to feel better.  Bet you can guess what I think about that approach! When we’re feeling hot and droopy, sugar is the last thing we need.  We need hydration.  A don’t even think about it, just skip the fancy “fake” healthy waters please.


They are full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners which are linked to higher rates of obesity (not staying slim).  In addition to good old-fashioned water, whole fruit in its natural form is your best choice for hydrating the body, cooling off, and increasing your wavering energy levels.  Watermelon is a fabulous treat, full of water, vitamins and minerals and extremely refreshing. Enjoy cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapple and any fruits that are in-season and therefore in abundance.




Sometimes we want a creamy treat. The recipe that follows is my absolute favorite way to get my ice cream fix without the dairy, sugar and fat.  Next time you’re feeling the heat, try this quick, easy and super deliciousness!



(Recipe is for one large serving…double accordingly!)

2-3 frozen bananas

1 c. frozen dark cherries

Almond milk (or other non-dairy milk), just enough for blending

2-3 pitted dates, according to taste

Carob chips, non-dairy dark chocolate chips or whatever you have on hand (you could even crumble a dark chocolate bar)

Blend the bananas, cherries and almond milk until smooth and creamy.  Start with a small amount of almond milk and add more to get the right consistency.

Add in some pitted dates according to how sweet you like it.

Finally, blend in the chocolate pieces on low speed just long enough to incorporate.

I like to serve this in a parfait glass and enjoy with a spoon!  If you used more milk, you could enjoy it as a shake as well.  Happy Summer Goodness!!

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